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Current availability of traffic
1.568.709.454 Views/month on 6.795 placements


Display Advertising in CPM and CPC:

Sprintrade Adverting Network is a marketplace where publishers and advertisers join together to increase their gains.
Do you own a website and want to find an alternative way to monetize your unsold web space/inventory?
By placing your website in the Sprintrade Marketplace you can profile in detail your web space to allow advertisers to easily offer you their advertisings for your placements (your unsold space) and you will be rewarded on the basis of the results obtained, with commissions based in CPM, CPC, Rev Share, Pay for Performance.

You just have to set a price for your unsold spaces and we do the rest.

You can provide all the latest forms of advertising such as banners (GIF, JPG, Flash), HTML (including iframes, external scripts), mobile, popup / under ads, layers, video ads, expandables and other special types of advertising.

Finally, based on your average traffic, you can estimate a CPM / CPC guaranteed that will ensure a steady flow of your earnings.
Thanks to our marketplace network we make your Ad inventory more buyable

- The right Marketplace for everyone
- Lots of CPM and CPC campaigns available worldwide
- All Statistics available immediately
- Many powerful functions for targeting and optimization

Mobile Display:

Sprintrade provides mobile advertising , take advantage of all features offered by the platform and reach more audience/customers

Our tools to monetize your mobile traffic:

- Mobile web and mobile inApp advertising
- Mobile banner & HTML advertising media
- Mobile video ads with preview function
- Mobile advertising SDKs. You can download your SDK and make more money with your mobile app

All features compatible with Apple iPhone/iPad, Google Android and Windows Mobile

Earn money with Sprintrade:
  Display CPM/CPC
Video Advertising
Mobile Affiliate / Mobile Display
Email Marketing / Contextual / Incentives
Publisher Register


Any Question? Contact our team now:


e-Mail: help @


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