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Sprintrade Advertising Network provides excellent Ad serving features to maximize Advertisers online revenues, the smart solution for Advertisers willing to effectively manage, serve, and report their entire package of digital campaigns.

In our powerful Sprintrade Marketplace Advertisers can buy, autonomously and automatically, without the burden of searching for contacts, the inventory they currently need to perform their digital campaigns.

We can manage every kind of advertising campaigns: Display CPM/CPC, Mobile, Video, Social; try Real Time Bidding, our flexible mediation platform to effectively buy on line Ads.

Save time and money: thanks to our all-inclusive ad server, all features provides, under the same panel, easily campaigns management and reporting.

If you are interested in Performance Marketing you can serve our affiliation network, composed of thousands of publishers, with quality traffic, remunerated by commissions related to performance.

Real-time technical and commercial support provided for all Advertisers: we can recommend you the best way to create an advertising campaign that can meet your business requirements.
Earn money with Sprintrade:
  Display CPM/CPC
Video Advertising
Mobile Affiliation / Mobile Display
Contextual / Email Marketing
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Skype: info.sprintrade
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