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No entrance fee to promote on Sprintrade Advertising Network.
Sprintrade uses the pure Pay For Performance policy, i.e. Advertisers do not have to pay fixed start-up fees or monthly fees (or any other fee). Advertisers only pay the commission established to the achievement of their goal.
Our Publishers portfolio well profiled allow Advertiser to promote their campaign through various channels of traffic such as Web sites, DEM, Search Engines, Social Networks, Forums, authorized Mailing Lists and Mobile.

Free Service features:

• Wide network of domestic and international Publisher
• Campaigns Pay Per Impression, Click, Leads, Sale
• Campaigns advertising promotion on Web sites, Search Engines, Social Networks, Forums, Mobile
• Campaigns Mobile compatible with Apple iPhone / iPad, Google Android, Windows Mobile, etc..
• Creatives management in all existing formats
• Management of specific terms and conditions of the campaign
Management of the commissions applied to each campaign
• Management of the publishers requesting the promotion of campaigns
• Publication of the campaign in the Sprintrade weekly newsletter
• Tracking scripts tracking available to the Advertiser (PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, JAVA)
• Statistics and reporting in real time


Pay-For-Performance: Advertisers pay only if their goal has been achieved.

Cheap: the affiliation cost is considerably lower than any other method of advertising.

Visibility: The affiliate marketing increases exponentially the range of action and communication of the advertising campaigns increasing online sales and acquisition of new customers.

Targeted advertising message: Publisher promote products or services relevant to their website content.

Market knowledge: Publisher have a deep knowledge of the sector where they work in. They are able to generate revenue by broadcasting products and services offered by Advertisers.


Sprintrade provides every kind of mobile advertising.
Take advantage of all features offered by our platform and reach more audience for your brand awareness and direct response campaigns.
Wide availability of domestic and international publishers.

Our tools to monetize your mobile traffic

- Mobile web and mobile inApp advertising
- Mobile banner & HTML advertising media
- Mobile video ads with preview function
- Mobile advertising SDKs. You can download your SDK and make more money with your mobile app

All features compatible with Apple iPhone/iPad, Google Android and Windows Mobile
Earn money with Sprintrade:
  Display CPM/CPC
Video Advertising
Mobile Affiliation / Mobile Display
Contextual / Email Marketing
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