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Current availability of traffic
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Video Advertising:

Grow your business with Video Advertising, pay only when your video ads is displayed on the web
The online video advertising is a powerful tool to connect brand and viewers. You can generate every kind of video ads with Sprintrade's platform, each targeted to specific viewers.
With video ads you gain only when someone chooses to watch your ad. More relevant is your video to your site more effective will be your promotion and more will be your revenue.

We have lots of video Ad formats:

- Popups - Popunders
- Layers - Banderoles
- Flash advertising media including multiple click tags
- Video ads (pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, video banners)
- Tandem - Wallpaper
- Prestitials/interstitials
- Triple banners and ad media formats

Video features:

- Pre-rolls, mid-rolls, post-rolls, video banners and video interstitials etc. available
- Compatible with almost every video player
- Extensive configuration options
Earn money with Sprintrade:
  Display CPM/CPC
Video Advertising
Mobile Affiliation / Mobile Display
Contextual / Email Marketing
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