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Contextual advertising is a marketing growing area where Advertisers can find the right solutions for the promotion of their campaigns.
Contextual advertising allow Advertisers to display ads related to the content that the users are looking for.
Our platform allows to maximize the goals of retargeting campaigns by using the contextual feature to view pages that relate to their interests, showing him the right marketing offer at the right time.

Reach targeted audiences worldwide through our online contextual advertising network.

Email marketing:

Promote your email marketing campaigns with payout in CPM / CPC / CPA

- An effective tool to communicate your promotional message
- Promote your DEM campaigns in the email categories that best fit your product


On our platform you can find a lot of campaigns that can be promoted with incentives
Earn money with Sprintrade:
  Display CPM/CPC
Video Advertising
Mobile Affiliation / Mobile Display
Contextual / Email Marketing
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