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Visits/month: 20.000
Views/month: 80.000

Il sito Ŕ dedicato totalmente ad un videogame in particolare, Assetto Corsa. Si tratta di un simulatore di auto per PC molto avanzato che riesce a regalare sensazioni di guida quasi come la realtÓ. Il sito viene costantemente aggiornato con le ultime novitÓ ed in poco tempo Ŕ diventato il punto di riferimento italiano per chi vuole organizzare gare online con altri giocatori reali.

  CPM- Placements  
Placement Format Views/month CPM Booking
Popup/Popunder 0 20.000 2,60 €
Banner 728x90 0 20.000 2,60 €
Banner 468x60 0 20.000 2,60 €
Banner 300x250 0 20.000 2,60 €
bookable volume selected: 0 Views
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What does CPM mean? CPM stands for Cost per Mille - meaning the payment is calculated on the base of 1000 AdImpressions. e.g. 3.20 € CPM means that 1000 views of your banners in this placement will cost 3.20 € .

What does CPC mean? CPC is short for cost per click, which means that the charging depends on how many clicks you recieve. For example: 0.80 euro ; CPC means that your banner will be shown until a visitor click on it and will be forwarded to your homepage. Every forwarded customer costs 0.80 euros.

















How it works...

Sprintrade is a marketplace for online advertisement. On this page you can put advertisement on your or other webpage(s).

and you can also book many other websites. Just select the placement you wish to book and then click the "Payment"-button. Right after you can define the details of your campaign, create or upload the creatives and finalize the booking.

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