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Placement Format Views/month CPM Booking
Banner 300x250 0 5.000 1,30 €
Banner 300x250 0 10.000 1,30 €
Anuncie aqui 0 15.000 1,30 €
Default Affiliate Placement 1x1 0,00 €
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What does CPM mean? CPM stands for Cost per Mille - meaning the payment is calculated on the base of 1000 AdImpressions. e.g. 3.20 € CPM means that 1000 views of your banners in this placement will cost 3.20 € .

What does CPC mean? CPC is short for cost per click, which means that the charging depends on how many clicks you recieve. For example: 0.80 euro ; CPC means that your banner will be shown until a visitor click on it and will be forwarded to your homepage. Every forwarded customer costs 0.80 euros.