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Contextual / Email Marketing / Incentives


Deliver targeted ads to traffic sites through our online contextual advertising network.
Contextual advertising allow you to display ads related to the content that the users of your website is looking for.

The advantage of contextual advertising is to display the right marketing message at the right time when the user demonstrates an active interest in receiving it by visiting a website that discusses the topic.

Reach targeted audiences worldwide through our online contextual advertising network.

Email marketing:

Promote our international email marketing campaigns with payout in CPM / CPC / CPA

- An effective tool to communicate your promotional message
- Choose your DEM campaigns in the categories that best fit your data base
- Customize your DEM and improve campaign performance

Periodicamente inviamo a tutti i nostri publishers le migliori promozioni in corso nelle diverse categorie quali ad esempio: moda, vacanze, assicurazioni, elettronica, giochi, finanza, lotterie, concorsi e tanto altro.


On our platform you can find a lot of campaigns that can be promoted with incentives
Offriamo traffico incentivato con partner che garantiscono traffico di qualità.
Utilizza il nostro motore di ricerca per individuare le campagne che ammettono incentivi.
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