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RealTime Bidding

As one of the first online marketing marketplaces, Sprintrade offers its customers the possibility to implement RealTime Bidding (RTB). This technology distributes the AdImpressions within fractions of seconds in live auctions, whereas the bidder with the highest bid receives the impression.

Advertier: Your advantages using RealTime Bidding

For Advertisers RealTime Bidding primarily offers the possibility to get the best possible price for every impression. Instead of booking Impressions in a package with RealTime Bidding technology the impressions are put into an auction and distributed within milliseconds. this enables the advertiser to only make bids for those Impressions that match their desired user-profiles while at the same time they can decide to bid higher prices for Impressions that seem more valuable to them. Sprintrade offers this technology of RealTime Bidding not only in connection with several large RTB-Ad-Exchanges, but also allows the clients to book the webpages and adnetworkd that cooperate directly with Sprintrade via this technology. This means for advertisers: Large reach at reasonable prices. Use Sprintrade as a trading desk/ DSP (Demand Side Platform)

Publisher: Your benefits of RealTime Bidding

Publisher partly helps RealTimeBidding revenue to increase. Instead of giving, as until now, more or less non-calculated impressions, to several publisher or advertisers, with RealTimeBidding it will, with every single impression, be auctioned, in real.time, to the highest bidder. This way the publisher will achieve the best price and revenue increases. Use Sprintrade as SPP (Sell Side Platform) and Yield Optimizer.

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