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RealTime Bidding

Sprintrade bietet als erster deutscher Marktplatze für Onlinewerbung seinen Advertisern die Möglichkeit Werbung im RealTime Bidding zu buchen. Dabei werden Werbeeinblendungen in einer Live-Auktion innerhalb von Millisekunden an den höchstbietenden versteigert.

Advertier: Your advantages using RealTime Bidding

Provides advertisers with real-time bidding above all: The ability for each display always to achieve the best possible price. Instead of just a flat rate book inserts in packages each display will be auctioned within a few milliseconds by the Real Time Bidding. Thus advertisers have different than usual the possibility to only those overlays to offer that match your target profiles or targeted on insertions to offer higher prices appear to the Advertiser higher quality. In addition, the Sprintrade Real Time Bidding provides the ability to traffic from connected to Sprintrade marketers as well as to offer several great RTB trading platforms. For advertisers, this means: Greater range to sensible prices. Use Sprintrade as Tradingdesk / DSP (Demand Side Platform)

Publisher: Your benefits of RealTime Bidding

Publisher partly helps RealTimeBidding revenue to increase. Instead of giving, as until now, more or less non-calculated impressions, to several publisher or advertisers, with RealTimeBidding it will, with every single impression, be auctioned, in real.time, to the highest bidder. This way the publisher will achieve the best price and revenue increases. Use Sprintrade as SPP (Sell Side Platform) and Yield Optimizer.

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