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Create Auction: Step 1 of 3

In the following steps you can define the key data of your Sprintrade auction. Based on this information, you will then be presented with websites and marketer offers you can select.

General settings
Auction name*:
(This is the name websites/marketers see)
Internal name*:
(Only you see this name)
Description / Additional information:
(Industry that can be assigned to campaign or advertised product.)
Auction to run for:
advanced settings »
Auction to run from/to:
 « basic settings
Campaign to run from/to:


Target market*:
Searched topics*:(For multiple selections hold down the CTRL key )
Searched formats*:(For multiple selections hold down the CTRL key)
Searched quality*:
Allow channel offers: -
Allow network offers: -


Price expectations & Budget
Desired CPM (€)*:
(min. 0,10 EUR CPM)
Desired CPC (€):
(min. 0,05 EUR CPC)
Volume target:
Views (0 = no target)
Campaign budget (€):
(0 = no target)
Frequency capping:


E-mail adresses:(One e-mail adress per line; all recipients will be notified after the auction has started and they are kindly asked to submit their bid)


Hide settings
Further settings
Type of bidding:
Bid notification:
Completly blind auction: - (Meaning: All bids are placed anonymously. As an advertiser you thus do not know where you are booking, but, in return, marketers may submit more favourable offers.)
Allow anonymous bidding: - (Meaning: Marketers and websites can bid openly or anonymously. As an advertiser you thus do not necessarily know where you are booking, but, in return, marketers may submit more favourable offers.)
This is how it works...

To create an auction, please enter the key information about the campaign and desired rankings. Please be as specific as possible so that the websites and marketers can make you offers that best meet your requirements.

Please note: Once an auction has started, it can not be changed any more. So please pay attention to the information you enter!

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