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As one of the first online market places Sprintrade offers its clients and customers to create Retargeting campaigns. These campaigns can be delivered in a manner integrating several web

Convert unfnished purchases into successful purchases thanks to retargeting!

Retargeting marks visitor-groups from an online-shop, if necessary with a product interest (user got interest in red sweaters). If the visitor surfs on a website that is accesible for Sprintrade advertising, it is possible to transmit a target message for this visitor's interest (red sweaters now on sale, save 5%). This will increase the click-rate as well as the conversion-rate, which will lower the CPO (cost pro order).


Easy to setup
Recognition of the users and presentation of products in the target
Advertisements related to abandoned shopping carts
Real-time updating of advertising messages
Easy integration into eCommerce database
Display of banners of the same products or similar to those sought after, with the recommendation of the products
Simple and complete the process of creating a template for the generation of banners

What and how can I book?

A retargeting booking does not differ from a normal booking: Simply go into the marketplace and fill the basket with the placements in which you want to be promoted. Or alternatively you start an auction and let yourself make offers. Then you only need to put a check mark so that the Sprintrade AdServers can make the appropriate settings in the retargeting checkout process.

What do I have to do technically?

For the ad network the installation is very easy. You will get a small HTML-code from Sprintrade, which you will intergrate in your shop-website. The code provide the service to tag visitors. All other is taken care of by the Sprintrade-AdServer.

Any questions?

For further questions we are always at your disposal. For contact details, see the column on the right.

Any questions?

Any Question? Contact our team now:


e-Mail: help @


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